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The Italian artist Marco Di Piazza lives and works between Bonn, Germany and San Gimignano, Italy.

Born in Rome, he moved to the Siena countryside while still very young. Besides the influences of a land rich in art and history, he owes his training and the perfection of his artistic abilities to the fact that he grew up in a family of artists and humanists, as well as his study of art and architecture in Florence.

Marco Di PiazzaAfter his first exhibition in 1981 in Bogotá, Colombia, and several exhibitions in central Italy, in 1989 he restored a medieval chapel in the centre of San Gimignano for use as a Studio-Gallery, to exhibit his paintings and stone, bronze and terracotta sculptures, viewed by a vast international public.

Over a period of 15 years, visitors to the Gallery purchased and commissioned works, some of monumental proportions, which are now part of public and private collections in over twenty countries and in the most diverse settings: from the bas-relief for the high altar in the 14th century church of Sant´Agostino in San Gimignano, to the travertine fountain for the futuristic headquarters of GlaxoSmithkline in Belgium, the group of Vicenza stone figures for the LTD insurance company in Kyoto, Japan, and the recent haut-relief made of iron for the Central Savings Bank in Kaiserslautern, Germany. In 2003, the opportunities and experience he acquired led to his move to Germany, dramatically changing his prospects in terms of work and life in general.

From his new North European residence, where his main activity is painting, he returns to Tuscany and to the workshop in San Gimignano for periods of intense work, creating pieces using iron and steel, which have been the main materials used by the sculptor since the beginning of 2000.